Argumentative Essay On Human Cloning

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As senator, you're opinion matters, in the subject of human cloning and whether it is okay or not okay. To figure out if either reproductive or therapeutic cloning is good for mankind. In Reproductive Cloning, women who can't produce eggs as a female will go through difficulties in the process if she decides to spend with that company or organization. As both therapeutic and reproductive have their pros and cons, in the past cloning use to be a question of science fiction and one could only imagine, but as in 2004 the question for cloning turned to reality. As questions arose and people having opinions, they began to think if cloning was to have a positive or negative affect on our world. Other people thought that cloning was bad in the nature of humans, and some disagreed and thought it could be the next step in human life. With permission and authority cloning could be the next step into the future for better things. Dangerous jobs could be replaced with clones, if allowed. They could work in subways, buses, and taxis, and more. Women nowadays tend to get pregnant at an early age. Meaning, they still act their age without realizing or putting into thought that they are pregnant. They are use use to their regular routine as a teen, there is several ways a woman could have a miscarriage. For example, of one is Chromosomal Abnormalities, also Bacterial Infections, but most common way is just lifestyle. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. With reproduction coning, you could have to

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