Argumentative Essay On Human Cloning

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Nuclear transplantation cloning is a process that was first used during the 1980’s. The process consists of taking a a nucleus from a somatic cell and implanting it inside of a denucleated egg. Then, after the implantation, some kind of a stimulant is used, such as an electric shock, to begin the cellular division and embryonic development. The first breakthrough using this technique was when scientist were successful in cloning an adult sheep, “Dolly.” The reason that this was such a big breakthrough was because this form of cloning was thought to be impossible in the years prior. This process was done using differentiated somatic cells rather than totipotent embryonic cells. This process was seen to be impossible because adults consist almost completely of differentiated cells. Kass does not give moral permissibility to human cloning. Kass often refers to a feeling of repugnance that people feel towards the idea of cloning other humans. Kass, then, takes that feeling of repugnance and says that that feeling comes from deep wisdom was as a people have, the same type of wisdom that leads us to feel repugnance towards things like, incest, cannibalism, rape, and bestiality. Kass focuses on three of the top arguments given in support of human cloning, The Technological Approach, The Liberal Approach, The Melorist Approach. The Technological Approach, argues that cloning should be viewed as an extension of already existing scientific methods to help couples struggling with
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