Argumentative Essay On Illegal Immigration

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MacKenzie Forrest
Mrs. Gallos
English 3 Honors
21 November 2017
Illegal Immigration
Illegal immigration, a hot topic among many Americans. Many americans seem to think that illegal immigrants are the sources of all the nations problems. The question that remains is are these people right? While illegal immigrants can cause some issues throughout the nation such as higher crime rates, terrorist threats, and disadvantage to american workers, they also do many good things such as boost the economy, add more cultural influence, and provide a cheap labor force.
An economic boost is something the government longs for and shockingly many illegal immigrants have provided just that. According to an article written by The Nation, “undocumented immigrants contribute about $11.6 billion to the economy annually, including nearly $7 billion in sales and excise taxes and $3.6 billion in property taxes. They are, in economic terms, productive citizens, and pay a higher effective tax rate than the top 1 percent income bracket.” (Chen). This information helps put into perspective how much the undocumented immigrants contribute to america's economy.The thought that illegal immigrants have helped boost our economy is something that does not settle well with many americans. Americans do not like the fact that people who are not even truly apart of the country are the ones helping it rather than the naturally born citizens. The government has spent years trying to find ways to make the economy bigger and better. They never expected immigrants to be the solution.
Illegal immigration has supplied the work force with what many would consider to be cheap labor work. Cheap labor work is basically where people are working at a lower pay than the average working american. The cheap labor work force has many job slots needing to be filled. These immigrants coming through are the workers who are helping fill these spots. An article talking about immigrant workers in the U.S workforce says, ”The U.S. population is aging as rapidly as the baby boom cohort enters old age and retirement. As a result, the labor force will increasingly depend upon immigrants and their children to replace current workers and fill new jobs.” (Singer). This quote
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