Argumentative Essay On Indiana House Elections

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With the 2016 general election coming up, the citizens of Indiana will be electing their members of Congress to represent the state and its districts. The Indiana Senate race that has received a lot of attention is the race between Todd Young and Evan Bayh. An Indiana House race that has been receiving a lot of attention is the District 9 race between Shelli Yoder and Trey Hollingsworth. When analyzing these races, a wide variety of factors, such as demographics, money, and scandals should to be taken into consideration. In terms of the Senate race in Indiana, there have been fourteen shifts in party power in that particular seat over time (Ballotpedia). But in general, Indiana has been a Republican leaning state throughout much of its history. In 2004, Evan Bayh (D) was elected to the Indiana Senate. In 2010, Dan Coats (R) was elected to the seat. In the very next election, Joe Donnelly (D) took over the seat. Dan Coats retook the seat in 2014 and is now stepping down to make room for either Evan Bayh (D) or Todd Young (R) (Indiana Secretary of State).
Evan Bayh originally had a six to seven point lead over Todd Young in the polls, but policy issues played a part in negating that lead (Monmouth). For example, on the issue of
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As mentioned previously, the state of Indiana is a solid Republican state. For the Senate race, Indiana being mostly red already gave Todd Young and Trey Hollingsworth somewhat of a head start. Evan Bayh’s name recognition from his previous term as governor and senator of Indiana is not strong enough to overcome the accusations that he was using his time in office to explore other career options. Additionally, the demographics are not in favor of the Democratic candidate in the Senate race and certainly not in the 9th District race. There is definitely not enough of a minority factor to drive up the votes for the Democratic

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