Argumentative Essay On Indifference

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Research Essay The most important thing that can be learned from the Holocaust is that having indifferences can and will lead problems and civil disputes. This can be applied to certain places in the world today where there are still incidents of ethnic cleansing today. I’ve always believed that “Those who kept silent yesterday will remain silent tomorrow” (Wiesel, Night), after all that's what happened to me. But if we find the courage to stop being shy, stop keeping to ourselves, and stop being silent, we could change the world through losing our indifferences. But then again sometimes having indifferences keeps us alive. According to Elie Wiesel “Etymologically, the word means “no difference.”’,(Wiesel, 1999) so basically what he's…show more content…
I do believe that radicalism is a threat to the US and that there is heavy proof to that as well. For instance, on October 1st of 2017 one of the deadliest shootings in America occurred leaving fifty-nine people dead (shooter included) and five hundred forty-six injured. So far the police have yet to determine if the shooter was “radicalised” but if he was it just confirms the fact that we already have a problem with radicalism in America. So yes, while the term indifferent can be used today as we speak of the Syrian refugees. It cannot be applied directly to the modern world that is America, but in other countries it can. There are many instances of ethnic cleansing still taking place today, one of which is in Myanmar. There have been many attacks in Myanmar and in those attacks their government has stated that around four hundred people have died, however, Bangladesh officials claim that the number is more closer to three thousand than four hundred. (Solomon, 2017) On August 25 satellites saw Myanmar villages bursting into flames. Refugees were starting to pour into Bangladesh and over the next three week more than two hundred villages were burned. The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, said that recent violence committed by the state against Myanmar's Rohingya minority appears to be a "textbook example of ethnic cleansing." (Solomon 2017) So with that being said it's

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