Argumentative Essay On Indigenous Students

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In contemporary Australian education, students’ achievement standards are compared nationally and globally, establishing them in the educational landscape. Education is identified and applauded as a strong component in lifting socio-economic disadvantage. Yet, high-standards and excellence often struggles to change the nature and outcomes of educational failure in various groups, including Indigenous people. This essay discusses whole school and classrooms practise that supports educating Indigenous students. Indigenous placement and displacement, the impact of socioeconomic status and how it effects Indigenous students and their health and well-being is explained and illustrated with examples of resources and tools for educators.

Historically, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were systematically stripped of their traditional land rights, suffered abuse, massacres, racism, and the forced removal of children from the family Unit. Which became known as the “Stolen generations” (Craven, 2011). These factors contribute to the displacement and placement of Indigenous Australians, by being internally displaced from their country since colonisation, and out of home intervention in place to protect from harm (Australian Institute of Family Studies, AIFS, 2017). Cherbourg State School, once a missionary settlement where Aboriginal people were taken to ‘save’ them by making them ‘less Aboriginal” (Echo360, 2010a), because of this history, Cherbourg has complex challenges

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