Argumentative Essay On Junk Science

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In court, before testifying, the speaker is asked to put their hand on a bible and swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. When a forensic specialist is testifying in court, they often say the phrase “To a reasonable degree of scientific certainty”when presenting their analysis (Balko par.10). This phrase sounds convincing and persuasive to both the judge and the jury, but does not have any accepted meaning in the world of science and it does not give away the percent error of the analysis. If these experts were to provide the percent error of their analysis in their testimony without saying this common phrase then maybe the judge and the jury will have a better understanding of the data that is being presented to them and may not even make a conviction based off the information that of which was stated. The question that should be asked is how reliable is forensic science and are any advances being made to prevent “junk science” from being used in the courtroom?
The opposition may argue that Forensic science is a good way to present evidence to the judge and the jury to convince them that the defendant is guilty. Although this may be the case in some circumstances it is not in every case. Forensic science is perceived as a form of science that is typically being applied to criminal investigations. Most forensic sciences, such as odontology which is the scientific study of the structure and diseases of teeth, are viewed as “junk science” because “ does not

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