Argumentative Essay On Kayak Fishing

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Kayaks have been classic vessels for fishing, as opposed to using a big boat. Many people are flocking to kayak fishing because of its many benefits. Kayaks for fishing range from two hundred dollars to thirteen hundred dollars, much less than the cost of a boat (fishhound). Operating a boat takes a toll on the angler and his gear and it comes with a lot to think about, and it is hard to handle. Using a kayak instead of a boat allows access to non motorised water bodies, as well as height and length limited water bodies. Most people use kayaks because they provide peace and quiet, and they promote exercise benefits (Mac). Buying a kayak instead of a boat, and using artificial bait instead of natural bait is the best option because of the benefits…show more content…
Anglers also prefer to use artificial bait this because they need to use much more equipment when using natural bait. (The Dorling 250). The equipment needed when using natural bait includes bobbers, hooks, line, swivels and weights. Searching for and storing for all of these items is time consuming and very expensive. Another downside to natural bait fishing occurs when fishing with live fish. When using this method, an angler would not always know in which direction the fish on the end of the line is going to swim. Using a live fish as bait can be quite difficult because it is hard to get a live fish to stay on a hook.when using artificial bait the only tackle you need is the lure. A very popular method of artificial bait is crankbaits. Crankbaits are easy to use, inexpensive and they are durable. Anglers prefer to use artificial bait over natural bait because natural bait lasts only a few hours, but artificial baits can last for years. Another plus to using artificial bait is that the angler will be able to cast into the water quickly. The natural bait fisherman will have to organise his tackle, prepare his rod, and tie everything together. Artificial baits are useful for kids because most crankbaits have an action. An action is when an angler has to move the rod a certain way for the lure to work. Lures that are good for kids can just be casted out and reeled straight back in. Some lures are made with one single barbless hook. The advantage to using a barbless hook is that once is on the hook the hook is easy to remove. In the event that an angler has put hook through his skin a barbless hook is eazy to take
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