Argumentative Essay On Legal Drugs

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The Hidden Truth Legal Drugs - A substance, especially one prescribed by a medical provider, that is used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a condition or disease. Drugs are prescribed for a limited amount of time, as for an acute infection, or on a regular basis for chronic disorders, such as hypertension.
I want to explain to you the truth about Marijuana and why it should be Federally legal and not called an Illegal drug. First of all marijuana itself has never killed anyone in history. As for other legal drugs. They are known to kill or harm people. As kids we are taught to stay away from Marijuana because it's dangerous and addictive, But is that really true?. Marijuana has been proven to have medical purposes. People who are ill in many ways have turned to marijuana to help them and are impressed by its affects on their illness. A man that i know is going through chemotherapy at the moment and he uses marijuana to help with the horrible side effects of it. He never knew that the plant he thought was bad is actually helping him greatly.
Marijuana is also effective for people dealing with chronic pain. It is estimated that about 100 million americans use marijuana to ease their pain. Out of all its health benefits it serves, society still doesn't want it to be federally legalized. They think it will raise the opportunity for teens to use it and pick up an addiction from another drug. But in reality legalizing it wouldn't raise teen use at
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