Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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Legalization of Marijuana Growing up, everyone was told “drugs are bad for you” time and time again. Whether it was your parent or teachersg7u as a kid you followed authorities regardless without understanding the reason behind it. As we get older, we started putting pieces together why we shouldn’t use drugs based on experience. Going on questioning why do people do drugs that are supposedly bad for your health? Why the government legalized drugs that are harmful to society? Unlike cigarettes and alcohol, marijuana seem more appealing to get legalized. Debates on legalizing marijuana have went on since the existence of the plant: different researchers have come up with their own findings. Regardless of what effect it has, everyone going to have their opinions based on assumptions. One thing they should keep in mind is that, cannabis is a plant that grow naturally: Therefore, it should have the same right as alcohol, and cigarettes that are man-made and legal. Cannabis is natural plant that grows naturally for itself: nowadays people tend to grow it adding their own style to keep it fresh. Its recognized all over the world as a drug that’s known to give user that “high” feeling. Cannabis has been illegal in most countries; but today more and more people are siding with the drugs. “More than 60 percent of the public now says that it supports marijuana legalization . Support for allowing medical use of marijuana with doctors' supervision is closer to 90 percent. Over 35
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