Argumentative Essay On Marijuana Legalization

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Marijuana legalization has become a social issue highly discussed in presidential elections, on the news, and within communities. On one hand, proponents believe that legalizing marijuana would be a positive choice for communities and for personal health. On the other hand, opponents believe that when legalized, marijuana use would result in more cases of marijuana related incidents including car accidents. Additionally, they believe the exact opposite of proponents and claim that marijuana is bad for one’s health. Both sides have compelling arguments and values, as will be discussed throughout the essay. Of the many arguments supported by proponents of marijuana legalization, most can be categorized by government and medical purposes. Those that support marijuana legalization argue that once legal, marijuana can be taxed. Through taxation, states can produce revenue to put toward a variety of projects such as financial support to low income families or road improvements. On the same note of government, by legalizing marijuana it would result in fewer harsh punishments for marijuana related crimes. With prison crowding being an issue, proponent argue that if fewer people were arrested for using or possessing marijuana, it would result in more room in prison for more serious crimes. Additionally, police officers in support of marijuana legalization hold that there would be less marijuana related crimes coming from cartels. (Gwynne) If marijuana were readily available for
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