Argumentative Essay On Meat

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Meat is under attack in our society today. The media is full of articles highlighting the negative effects of meat, an army of people are trying to tarnish the reputation of meat in any way possible. More people are cutting meat from their diet now then ever before. I guess you could say then that meat is not in a good place. I recently read an article on the negative effects of meat on the human body and on the environment. The essay was good and the argument compelling by the time I finished reading I was almost persuaded to give up eating meat and live the vegetarian life style. I spent sometime mulling over the idea of giving up my some of my favorite foods, what it would be like to never again taste a warm, tender juicy steak, or bite down it to a succulent buffalo burger. I decided that if I was going to change my life in such a drastic way I had to be sure that the benefits were all that people worked them up to be. Did I give up meat then and join the ranks of the vegetarian? While researching the topic I found that although meat does have many negative effects these effects come from over eating and gorging ourselves on meat. If meat is eaten in moderation it actually has positive effects on the body. The nutriance found in meat is vital to help the body function properly, maintain brain tissue and make our minds sharper and more alert. Meat is an essential part of our diets and should be eaten (in moderation) by every one who wants to live the healthiest life
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