Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana “Research has not demonstrated that smoked marijuana is helpful as medicine” (Marijuana, 30). Medical marijuana is said to have many uses. It can help with seizures or epilepsy. Medical Marijuana was legalized in 1996. People have used this plant for many different medical reasons, how and why do people use it? What are cannabinoids? Why should we legalize it? How do people use medical marijuana and why? There are many ways of using medical marijuana. Some people smoke it, some people take pills, and some even vaporize it. “Since 1992, Donald Abrams, a physician at the University of California, San Francisco, has sought approval for a pilot clinical trial on the possibility that smoking pot can improve the appetites of people with AIDS and hence increase their weights”(Peter Gwynne). People with Aids and cancer have used medical marijuana in order to alleviate their pain. “Almost half of the oncologists in a 1990 study recommend pot to their patients. By then, pot’s core ingredients had been already legal: Dronabinol, marketed as Marinol, a synthetic THC compound using the active ingredients in pot, continues as a legal
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