Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

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There is extensive literature evaluating the merits and dangers of legalizing marijuana, or cannabis, for medicinal and recreational use. However, despite the quantity, it is difficult to draw a meaningful conclusion based on the quality of much of this evidence. In reviewing three recent articles addressing medicinal uses for cannabis (Whiting et al., 2015), negative health effects from its use (Gordon, Conley, & Gordon, 2013), and pharmacist recommendations for implementation of its use (Isaac, Bandana, & Chaar, 2016) it is clear that further research is needed on this issue. Two of these studies highlight the limitations and inconsistencies in the current evidence and the need for more investigation (Gordon et al., 2013; Whiting et al., 2015), while the third article exemplifies the role that bias plays in undermining the evidence (Isaac et al., 2016). Recently, investigators have begun to examine in more depth the roles bias and legal barriers play in limiting studies on medical marijuana (Rhodes et al., 2016; National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine [NASEM], 2017). Research must be encouraged and facilitated at the federal level to reduce bias and promote the production of high quality evidence for or against therapeutic effects of cannabis, and health care providers should be better educated to objectively participate in this process (Evanoff, Quan, Dufault, Awad, & Bierut, 2017).
Summary of Current Evidence Whiting et al. (2015) investigate the
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