Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana Medical marijuana is very a big and controversial issue in today's society, currently the community is divided on the issue. Questions are always being thrown around such as "how does marijuana affect the body?" and "what good does’ marijuana do for a person?" Researchers have tried to answer these questions with multiple studies and they have shown some of the positives of medical marijuana. If something is able to help someone who is in dire need why not use it on those people to find a better solution for them. I myself am on the supportive side of the issue of medical marijuana. I don't think it should be legal to just anyone though I believe there should be a legal age law, a driving while under the influence, and a public intoxication law in effect for medical marijuana to be legal. Citizens and government officials have been debating on this topic for a very long time. I think too successfully develop an argument for the topic of medical marijuana, you must first figure out the issue of the subject matter and I believe that one of the issues that surrounds marijuana is the Food and Drug Administration. Many think that the FDA should be the ones who approve of marijuana and should make the decision on if it has benefits for medical use. The problem with that is that the federal rules that the FDA has to follow makes it difficult for them to take on this problem. This also puts doctors in a tough spot and they worry about legal troubles that they
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