Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

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The debate for years \that has divided the question is weather not any good. Many states have legalized medicinal marijuana. The states that have legalized has it helped or has come from its use. What is the purpose? What should the guidelines be? The Medical board and the Government have hopes that in legalizing it, medical marijuana will help those with diseases to be able to cope much easier. However, the determination of which ones that should be allowed to have the okay to be able to use it. Even though some people may argue against medicinal marijuana use and legalization, there are too many reasons why it should be.
Since marijuana has been legalized in states such as Colorado, the numbers of homeless people have increased and the rates living on the streets have turned a once beautiful state into a state where they are losing money due to less tourist according to CNN news. The number of dropouts has increased and crime is up as trafficking is up. Many did not realize that State and Federal laws are different. Just because a person follows the state laws such as having a medical marijuana card and if a company wants an employee to pass the drug test they can mandate that due to Federal regulations.
The purpose of marijuana can be used for either recreational or medical. Medical purposes could include seizures, PTSD and depression and the list goes on. The argument among several is that does it really help or is it numbing the pain. Are doctors simply giving patients coping form or a crutch, what happens when the Marijuana what are they going to turn to next? Doctors must also provide the life skills if patients are going to use these form of treatment. There should be a strict guidelines on who gets to use the card and how how marijuana is distributed.

Will the insurance companies cover the cost, and how much will it cost the consumer? Will there been abuse of the medical marijuana like they have pain pills and will rip families apart. There have not been enough clinical trials to determine the side effects or long term effects of medical marijuana, and more FDA trials will have to be ran. There has already been a rising cause in deaths due to the use of
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