Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

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When people hear the word marijuana, they often think of a gateway drug. Marijuana has been one of the top misunderstood “drug” there have been and will probably remain on being a misunderstood “drug”. Should marijuana be legalized? This has been a controversial question for a long time now. Marijuana should be legalized. Not only is marijuana beneficial to many people but it can even have an impact in our future. Marijuana should be legalized because it can help bring more money to the country, it is beneficial in the medical industry, and it is safer to use than other legal drugs.
One rational motive Marijuana should be legalized is that it has many medicinal purposes. “Today, doctors prescribe medicinal cannabis as a treatment for …show more content…

If marijuana was to get legalized it would be taxed, and help our economy strongly. Not only that, but it will help with the United States Debt. Colorado and Washington have made millions just by taxing marijuana, and their economy has greatly increased “Colorado and Washington have each seen hundreds of millions in additional tax revenue, and those numbers are not likely to go away any time soon”(“The Huffington Post”). Since marijuana is illegal, many people that use this drug not only risk themselves going to get marijuana because they could go to jail if they get caught with it but also are increasing the money of the growers more. In that case, it is dangerous for the user because they can go to jail, get shot, or even die since many growers tend to lace their marijuana. Lacing the marijuana refers to adding chemicals to it that are highly toxic, which can lead to death for the consumers. Would people rather go through the whole process of risking themselves just to get marijuana and possibly end up dead, or would they rather just go to their nearest local store and go back home knowing that they have one hundred percent pure THC with no chemicals added? Users would prefer just going to a store and being able to purchase marijuana without meeting up with a dealer and possibly end up in jail facing time just for wanting to smoke. As a matter of fact, smoking isn’t harming anything or anyone

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