Argumentative Essay On Mental Illness

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Mental Illness is a growing battle in today’s world. Many Teenagers struggle with mental health issues that paralyze them from living a normal healthy life. There is a world of research about healthy habits that can ease the burden of anxiety and depression if one will just seek it out. From seeking professional help, to starting daily habits there are many ways to deal with sicknesses of the mind in a similar way to how one would treat a physical illness. The question that guided my research is “What are the best ways for teens to deal with anxiety and depression?”
What I Knew: There is so much research surrounding mental illnesses, how to be aware of mental illness, and coping strategies to help deal with these disorders. Many people with anxiety and depression just go through phases where they have higher anxiety levels than other times in their lives. This is a completely normal human cycle, but many people have a dysfunction that continues for their entire lives unless they find out a way to handle their specific disorder. When I was about six years old I remember a specific summer morning when my family was going to go boating on the river. We went boating at least a few times a week and it was always something that I loved to do. I wanted to become really good at water sports like many of my siblings were. On this particular morning I was in charge of grabbing the chips and the towels. I was wearing my blue and green striped swimsuit and I
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