Argumentative Essay On Miley Cyrus

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Argument Writing Miley Cyrus once stated, “If you believe in yourself anything is possible.” Miley Cyrus is 23 years old, she lives in Studio, California and she has been in the music industry since she was 10. Miley Cyrus will leave a lasting legacy because she was inspired by many of music’s greats, overcame many anxiety disorders, and she has an accomplished music career and charity. Throughout her music career she was inspired by many of music’s greats. “I watched people like Dolly Parton. Dolly knows who she is. She’s smart. She’s not just a blonde with (a big bust), she is a genius under there. She literally came from nothing, and now you go anywhere in the world, and they know Dolly Parton” (Miley, Entertainment interview) Dolly…show more content…
Miley’s life in the spotlight led to the young star to suffer from severe bouts of anxiety and depression. Long hours, a demanding schedule and tons of attention coalesced into a wave of emotional instability. “I would have anxiety attacks. I’d get hot flashes, feel like I was about to pass out or throw up. It would happen a lot before shows,and I’d have to cancel. Then the anxiety started coming from anxiety.” (Miley Says Hannah Montana Caused Body Issues, Interview). “You get in this hole that seems like you’re never going to be able to get out of.” She has also struggled with weed. “I think weed is the best drug on earth. One time I a smoked a joint with peyote in it, and I saw a wolf howling at the moon.” Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is much better. And molly, too. Those are happy drugs- social drugs. They make you want to be with friends. You’re out in open. You’re not in a bathroom.I really don't like coke. It’s so gross and so dark. It’s like what are you,from the Nineties? Ew.”Many celebrities have/is overcoming anxiety disorders/ drugs and it can be very serious at some point.” Source information? Last but not least, Miley’s accomplished music career and…show more content…
NEWS: Miley Cyrus Launches Foundation for Homeless and LGBT Youth. In effort to make that a reality, Miley recently launched Happy Hippie Foundation which fights to raise money and awareness for homeless and LGBT youths. She also travels across the world to help out. “I do these hearing aids for deaf kids in Haiti. We go to the schools and fit the kids for hearing aids, and than go back and give them to the kids. It’s the craziest experience, because you go in and it’s so quiet, because no one’s ever talked. There are people who are 90 years old who’ve never talked at all.” (Miley cyrus on weed and Molly,Interview)“ Unless they want a weed-smoking, liberal freak.” “But my dream was never to sell lip gloss. My dream was to save that world.” Miley isn’t all about twerking, she does care about youth, homeless, and people in other countries and stuff. Miley has had an amazing opportunities to travel the world and be helpful and people just don't see that. They see her on the VMA stage “twerking on Robin Thicke” and her tongue out and naked on a wrecking ball and licking a sledgehammer, but maybe that’s not how she wants to be remember in this world. Therefore, this is why Miley will leave a lasting
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