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The minimum wage has arguably become the most controversial topic regarding our economy today, as it influences one of the largest classes of people within the United States, the working class. Federally, the minimum wage has not been raised in eight years, so it has stayed at $7.25 per hour for all non-exempt workers (U.S. DoL). The opinions on this topic are typically split across a progressive-conservative line, with progressives being in favor of a raise from $7.25, and conservatives wanting to stay at the current rate. This can be seen when looking at the typical progressive stances from states and municipalities that raise the minimum wage for businesses operating within their jurisdiction, since the higher rate among all levels of…show more content…
As stated by Ramirez, et al., “...there is no statistical significance between minimum wage and poverty rate.” From an international standpoint, Gindling also repeats this in terms of developing countries using similar reasoning. Poverty, however, while still a major issue within the United States, may be easier to fight here due to the laws keeping most people non-exempt from the minimum wage. Additionally, poverty is not the main target of a minimum wage increase; rather, a minimum wage increase allows for upward mobility among those who are struggling now, which over generations can resolve poverty.
Time is an often overlooked aspect of raising the minimum wage because it influences both upward mobility and inflation. To define upward mobility so as to relate it to time, it refers to the ability of someone at the bottom of the metaphorical ladder to climb out of poverty and become self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency is an important point because at the moment, the government via social programs enables people who do not earn enough to still live normally. As Kovacic-Fleischer explains, the Food Stamp program enables companies to pay less wages because workers can be subsidized by the government. This is problematic because it puts the onus on the

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