Argumentative Essay On Modern Sports History

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Historians over the last few decades have argued about the idea of modernity. Originally, the argument was discussing when modernity began, and does history have a metanarrative of a move towards modernity over time. However, many historians realized metanarrative is an ineffective argument along with discussing the dawn of modernity because themes in history are always relative to the period they are looking at. Still, debating modernity within smaller historical contexts like sports history can still be useful. Furthermore, Allen Guttman, a professor in American Studies, believed the transition towards modern sports in American was mainly during a period from 1865 to 1920, and the seven characteristics of modern sports are secularism,…show more content…
Even with Walter Camp’s rules, the sport was very dangerous. Every year, a few high school and collegiate football players would die from the sport, and many players would become seriously injured. Furthermore, the sport was so dangerous that two separate presidents, Wilson and Roosevelt, believed the dangerousness of football was a national issue. To solve the issue, the Inter-Collegiate Athletic Association was created to undermine Camp’s committee. They implemented rules like lengthening the first down, banning “mass momentum” plays and legalized the forward pass. Then, the game became less violent but still violent and saved from becoming a lesser sport. Ultimately, the creation of bureaucracy and thus regulation lead to a profitable sport because as stated before the sport spread across the country after the new rules. Additionally, by the turn of the 20th century, the sport became a must see spectacle for the public. Only then did many colleges other then the like of U Chicago and the University of Nevada begin to put money into it the sport with choices like professional coaches and stadiums because they saw they could make more money for the school and thus themselves. Therefore, bureaucracy lead to regulation because the bureaucratic structures of Intercollegiate Football Rules Committee and the Inter-Collegiate Athletic Association created regulations that made the sport popular, which lead it being

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