Argumentative Essay On Nuclear Power

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Providing nearly two-thirds of America’s energy, nuclear power is stated to be the cleanest, most reliable sources of energy known to man. Nuclear power, although a high-maintenance system, has many beneficial characteristics that help support the idea that nuclear energy has the capability of supporting Earth’s future generations with power. Nuclear power is a healthier alternative to the environment as it produces no greenhouse gases and uses no nonrenewable resources to produce its power. Although there are many benefits to nuclear energy, the power plants of which the power is produced in must be run in an orderly function- with consequences of mistreatment leading to disastrous situations with the potential affecting many. Despite the fact mishandling nuclear power can lead to catastrophe, nuclear power has many benefits on the environment due to the idea fact that nuclear power does not create any greenhouse gases, and uses no nonrenewable resources to create its energy.
Nuclear energy can be a brilliant alternative to nonrenewable resources however, it can lead to a disaster of epic proportions when something goes wrong. Nuclear energy relies largely on human interactions within the plant, which has been proven to lead to complications with drastic consequences. In 1986 the world’s largest nuclear power incident took place at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant as “the result of a flawed reactor design that was operated with inadequately trained personnel.” (“Chernobyl

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