Argumentative Essay On Organ Sales

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Selling organs is a rising problem in the healthcare community, government and morality. Organ sales has become the topic of discussion for numerous reasons. Some of which being lowering the wait time on the organ transplant waitlist and taking advantage of the financially disadvantaged. This issue affects many people on many different levels, some people morally or legally but mostly importantly medically. What this basically comes down to is: “Who are we to judge what people do with their bodies?”. The answer to this question lays in many different sources. The simplified answer is no we can not tell people what they can and can not tell other people what they can and can ot do with their bodies. Organ sales, to begin, are coming onto peoples radar due to the recent arrest and prosecution of, 69 year-old, Levy Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum will be the first person convicted, in the U.S., of organ trafficking. He is accused of selling three kidneys for over $400,000 over the black market and could face up to 20 years in prison. The organs in questions came from Israel and brought to America where it was purchased from a person who matched with the donor. The issue that arises here is, who are these organs coming from? The origin of these organs concern people on both a medical and moral level. In a…show more content…
The simple answer is personal morality. People are concerned with other people's safety, so when they catch wind of someone selling their organs to the highest bidder on the black market, they feel like it is their personal responsibility to step in. Selling your organs to the highest bidder doesn’t sound like the most pleasant option to an average citizen in America who for the most part has been financially stable. Will the same be said for a person who is struggling to survive in another
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