Argumentative Essay On Organized Crime

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Have you realized your next door neighbor who has worked their whole life for almost no salary is now living strangely comfortably? Or have you heard about sudden murders or robberies on the news? That’s probably because our 18th Amendment of Prohibition and the new concept of organized crime has arised. As we find out about this tactless business, we realize the awful effects it has been having on our society. What exactly is going on? Has it happened to you? Have you seen unlawful activity? As jobs are scarce and people realize what they would do to provide for themselves and their families, criminal activity in return for a plethora of money seems like the most effective. This is what now is organized crime. We are now experiencing an epidemic of large, powerful groups with organized an illegal business. In other words, this organized crime concept is committed in gangs, what we know as the Mafia for one. However, this has become greatly participated in now since Prohibition became a law on January 20th of this year. People who we may know of our society has realized the amount of money found in illegally selling alcohol behind our governments back. This Prohibition law has banned the manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcoholic beverages. In other words, our Prohibition law was created in hopes of less crime and violence, but it really only increased these rates and iis turning more and more people to becoming bootleggers. As this organized crime is dangerous, the
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