Argumentative Essay On Parks And Rec

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In 2009, NBC released a political comedy called: Parks and Rec. The Emmy-nominated American sitcom takes place in the fictional town of Pawnee. The show tells the story of Leslie Knope, a bureaucrat in the Parks and Recreation department, becoming the first female governor of Indiana. Turning an impoverished lot into an angelic park becomes Leslie’s main objective during the show. She believes the success of the park will allow her to move up through the government. However, Leslie encounters countless obstacles that prevent her from progressing through government and accomplishing her agenda. Using a government setting, Parks and Rec exposed many issues in today’s society Throughout the show, any legislation that Leslie tries to pass, gets…show more content…
One example occurs in season two when Leslie Knope becomes a judge for the Miss Pawnee beauty pageant and attempts to do the impossible: have a winner based upon merit rather than appearance. After the contestants went through, the judges congregated off to the side to select a winner. All the judges came to a consensus, except for Leslie. Leslie believed objectifying the contestants solely upon physical beauty demeaned the contestants and that the judges should consider merit in deciding the winner. However, the other judges did not care about merit and believed beauty should decide the winner. Before announcing the winner, Leslie tried to persuade the judges to view her side, but she failed. Becoming irate, Leslie wanted her sentiments heard, “This isn’t the first time that Susan’s have lost to Trish’s and it won’t be the last. Susan and I will continue on until the women of Pawnee are judged not by the flatness of their tummies, but by the contents of their brains.” Another example transpires in season seven during the Pie-Mary episode. During the episode, Leslie opts out of the Pie-Mary, “a Southern Indiana tradition where congressional candidate’s wives’ face-off in a pie baking contest,” because she believes it “is retrogressive and misogynistic.” However, her decision ends up creating a controversy between the media and the campaign. The media attacks Leslie for not being the traditional congressman’s
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