Argumentative Essay On Physical Exercise

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Engaging in physical exercise has many advantages and it benefits, not only to the physical health but as well as the mental health. Exercising regularly helps to maintain a good health balance in the body, reducing stress and overcoming anxiety and depression in a person. It also activate the chemicals in a person’s brain to develop a better mood. This argumentative essay will demonstrate about how exercising helps and improve not only a person’s physical health but also mental health such as depression, anxiety and stress. “Exercise” is a well known word among people all over the world. In fact it is popular among teenagers and adults that are trying to stay fit and healthy. The use of the word “Exercise” is highly overrated because people tend to think that exercising keep them in shape and to lose weights. However, what they do not realised is that exercising also improve one’s mental health including depression,anxiety and stress that most people are facing these days. Exercising promote better mood control. Research shows that exercise put long-term depression at ease (Weir, 2011). Based on the evidences of an experiment, studies shows that James Blumenthal, PhD, a clinical psychologist has investigated, together with his colleagues upon some adults with major depressive disorders (Weir, 2011). According to Weir (2011) Blumenthal conducted a mood-exercise connection experiments and found out that “Exercise seems not only important for treating depression, but also in preventing relapse”. The release of chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin from exercising increases the mood (Health Direct Australia, 2016). In the year 2006, Otto and his colleagues analysed 11 studies examining the effects of exercise on mental health. It was determined that exercising could be a strong influence for clinical depression (Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 2006, as cited in Weir, 2011). From this, it is concluded that clinicians should think carefully about adding exercise to the treatment plans for their depressed patients (Weir, 2011). Smits (Co-director) and Otto (Co-writer) of Anxiety and Research and Treatment Program have reasoned that regular exercise help people who are exposed to anxiety
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