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ntroduction Throughout the long history of pornography there has been an ongoing debate as to whether pornography is something that should be accepted in society or condemned as immoral. The way pornography is often viewed by individuals is either from an anti or pro-porn perspective. This essay will discuss why pornography is seen in such a black and white manner and also aims to present reasons why it should not be. It will discuss how the ‘grey’ areas around the porn industry, freedom of speech and consumerism in today’s society have together made the way porn is viewed and created, and how this has affected certain parts of society. Five topics surrounding pornography– ‘pornification’, production and consumption, discourses of…show more content…
Another explanation is that they are someone who does not see the worth in paying for pornography when there is plenty to be found for free. The main reasons for paying for pornography online would be to access something specific or to purposefully support a pornstar or producer. This poses the question, would more people be prepared to pay if free porn was harder to access? Even so, with the porn industry missing out on paying consumers due to the availability of free porn online, it has still managed to keep afloat, though how well it has is unknown. The actual size of the industry is still largely disputed, mainly because statisticians can not agree as to what products should constitute as porn (Slade 1093), though a 1995 Times article “liberally categorised 83.5 percent of all photographs online as pornographic” (Paasonen 166). In many reports written on pornography there is a different definition of pornography and erotica. Diana Russell sums it up as “feminists of the anti-pornography-equals-censorship school deliberately obfuscate any distinction between erotica and pornography, using the term erotica for all sexually explicit materials. In contrast, anti-pornography feminists consider it vitally important to distinguish between pornography and erotica” (2). She then goes on to give her definitions of pornography, which includes “abuse or degradation that appears to endorse, condone, or encourage such behaviour” and erotica,

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