Argumentative Essay On Preschool

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Education is the most important attributes in the world today. Education plays many influential roles in our society today. There are GED, high school diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and a doctorate that can take people a long way with receiving these accomplishments in life. But, education does not just begin at elementary; education starts at preschool. Preschool education benefits children during their primitive years and beyond. The concept of preschool education evolved from a European mother in the 1800’s where she educated children outside of their homes. The theory came to America during the Industrial Revolution with the “infant schools” established in churches, factories, and private homes, to care for the young while parents, especially the mothers, were working. In 1873, Wisconsin embarked the first four year old Kindergarten program (Lipoff). In 1965, President Johnson organized the first publicly funded Head Start Program. The federal…show more content…
The comprehension and strength involved are so substantial that four years seems slightly sufficient. Majority of public schools in the United States have minimal specifications for teachers educating kids establishing at age 5. Each state requires public teachers to have at least a four-12 months college degree (bachelor’s degree) (Jones 48-50). Salaries for public prekindergarten teachers average more than $50,000.00 for a ten month school year, but that excludes teachers in private school; because they earn below and are not required to have a bachelor’s degree. Approximately, one half of the states that have a prekindergarten program require all public school teachers to have a bachelor’s degree (Barnet et. 2009). The 2007 Head Start reauthorization mandated that all pre-k teachers have at least an associate’s degree by 2011 and at least at 50% have a bachelor’s degree by 2013 (Occupational
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