Argumentative Essay On Race And Religion

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A couple, that consists of a Black man and White woman, walk into a restaurant for a family dinner with the man’s parents. They begin to catch stares and hear people mumble “why are they together?” and “why is he dating a white girl?” which leaves the parents to question the same thing. But yet the young man does not care about the sly comments people are making about his lovely date. Deep inside, he knows that it does not matter what race his girlfriend is, but who she is as a whole. Race and religion should not play a role in who someone chooses to marry/date considering that many have befriended and dated people outside of their religion, which would result in intermarriage, and there are support groups who support interracial marriages …show more content…

Jayson (2011) claims that, “Research has found young adults today have more friends of diverse racial backgrounds than past generations and are more willing to have relationships with those of other races and cultures. ‘We do not feel a need to be diverse, and we do not seek out relationships for that purpose. It is just who we are,’” (Jayson, 2011, para.5).This demonstrates that since people are surrounded by countless different religions, they are more common to date and marry someone of another religion than their own. In “Americans Marrying Out”, it implies that, “The percentage was 14.6% in 2008, up from 6.7% in 1980, according to a new analysis of Census data by researchers at Ohio State University and Cornell University” (Jayson, 2011, para. 6).Seeing how the percentage has increased, it shows that many became more open to interracial dating. Race and religion do not matter when picking a spouse because everyone is surrounded by those of different backgrounds. This situation has created support groups for those who are in an interracial marriage and need

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