Argumentative Essay On Race Issue

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Nearly one year after the 2016 election, the populace of America remains divided on many issues. In no better way can this divide by illustrated than the issue of race relations. In this paper, I will thoroughly discuss the current split between races in America, how it continues to encompass the national discussion today, and what factors relating to this topic exacerbate the painful divisions between Americans. It cannot be denied that race played a role in the last election. Between the rise of Black Lives Matter and growing white resentment in the Rust Belt, it is clear that the American public sought a solution to the race issue one way or another. Of course, different groups have different beliefs on what the “race issue” actually is. Donald Trump has claimed to have a “great relationship with the blacks” (cite). However, his past record says otherwise. In fact, a simple Google search can uncover a vast history of racism from the president, going back at least forty years. In 1973, a civil rights case was brought against Trump and his real estate company by the Department of Justice, alleging “that the firm had committed systemic violations of the Fair Housing Act of 1968 in their many complexes--39 buildings, between them…show more content…
Though it seems like a much less serious transgression than the ones previously listed, Trump tweeted in May 2016, “Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!”(cite). Attached to the tweet is a picture of Trump eating from a taco bowl. In the worst case scenario, Trump used that tweet to stereotype that all Hispanics eat tacos. But even if one were to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, assuming that he does not understand the difference between Mexicans and Hispanics, it is not likely that anyone looked at the tweet with flattery. Furthermore, in the epitome of tone-deafness, used the tweet as an opportunity to promote his own
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