Argumentative Essay On Renewable Energy

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Hydroelectric power has been used for many years. And over the past few years, it has grown throughout our country. Using an alternative energy source will overall become the best solution for the loss of nonrenewable energy sources. 7% of people using renewable energy are using Hydroelectric power. This might not seem like much, but it compares to the other alternatives knowing only 4% of people use solar power. People have been collecting energy from moving water for centuries, and why not put this to use. I believe that hydroelectric energy is the ¨best¨ source for a few reasons. First i'm going to define what being the best means. The best means that it is overall going to help us in the future by using what he already have. It doesn't have to necessarily be the cheapest but it does have to do the job and last as long as possible so that the country can be able to thrive with an alternate energy source. The first reason it´s the best is that the country is already using it. It's the most used source of renewable energy.This makes it easier to expand the usage as more people are influenced. The second reason is that it uses materials we already have. Water covers 71% of the earth, and this can make hydroelectric energy the most reasonable to use.

Moving into how this energy source is used, i'm going to be sharing how the power is made. First, there has to be a dam that goes in a river. Next, the water going through the dam goes into turbines. As the water goes into
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