Argumentative Essay On Rogue Sharks

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To kill, or not to kill? That was the question everyone was asking on the 6th of November, 2000, when Ken Crew was attacked and killed by a rogue shark off of Cottesloe Beach. Said shark also turned to attack Crew’s friend Dirk Avery who was able to escape with just a nip on the ankle and was soon followed by WA Fisheries Officials in a boat, one of whom was carrying a rifle and waiting for special permission from the Australian Government to shoot the shark. Eventually the Officials received an order to let the shark live but at that point the 5m long great white had disappeared into the ocean. The objective of this short essay is to examine the information the unit has given, develop an opinion on rogue sharks and then present my opinion as to whether rogue killer sharks should be killed or conserved.
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But everyone is different and reacts differently to situations. Some people believe that sharks are mindless killing machines and actively hunt humans whereas others believe that sharks are beautiful creatures and should be left to their own devices. The family of Ken Crew gave a statement regarding the question of this essay at Crew’s funeral, which was “Let the shark live. Ken loved the sea and appreciated the creatures that live in it. He would not have wanted the shark killed, and neither do we.” This statement was personally surprising as it could be seen as a rare view, especially coming from the family of a man who was killed by a shark. People who have been attacked by sharks and lived have stated that they feel no ill will towards their attacker. An example of this is Heather Boswell, who went swimming with some friends in 1994 and lost her leg to a shark, although she doesn’t feel that the shark should be killed for taking her

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