Argumentative Essay On Science Vs Religion

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The opposite of science is commonly regarded to as religion. Scientific discoveries have been challenging the established religions throughout history and have played a severe role in science's influence in multiple generations. For example, during Copernicus's time, society was amidst an era of reformation and rebellion where catholic authority was being questioned, especially with important figures such as Martin Luther and astronomers such as Copernicus having such a power voice to society. the famous astronomer, Galileo, was shunned by the Catholic church for endorsing the theory that the earth revolved around the sun. Centuries later, Charles Darwin's ideas of evolution clashed with the ideas of the majority of religious people. This lead to the…show more content…
Today's establishment consists of many religions, and depending on one's location in the world depends on which religion is majority. In a country such as America, the first amendment protects the rights for any person to practice their religion freely but this does not prevent out-lash from both sides of the arguments. In outside countries however, religion has been ruled by extremists that deny any education that promotes non-religion based science. Scientists continue to provide research, develop new theories, and collect evidence regardless of the out-lash received.

Outside of religious governmental power and laws, the closest belief-based science to evidence-based science is pseudoscience. Many individuals rely on the healing power of the horoscopes and zodiac signs for meditative and trans-formative uses. Though the pseudoscience such as astrology has the title of 'science', it is discouraged from being a science because of it's belief-based system that relies on emotional appeal rather than tested
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