Argumentative Essay On Smoking

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The Smoking Gun
Although the harmful effects of smoking are thought to be well-known, there are a surprising number of people who are unaware of these risks. People enter public parks and walk down the street smoking without thinking about everyone they are affecting. Although the number of smokers in the United States is much lower than it used to be, it is still much higher than it should be. The majority of people begin smoking because they are influenced by people around them, which leads to an addiction. If the amount that people are seen smoking is limited, then the number of new smokers should drop drastically. Smoking in public places should be restricted to specific spots due to the health hazards occurring not only to the smoker, but also to others around them in the form of secondhand smoke and the influence on the younger generation.
Smoking is typically known to be dangerous and unhealthy, so why are people still smoking and why did they ever smoke? Smoking began around 6000 BC, when it was thought to be helpful for medical purposes, such as balancing the four humors, because the smoke was hot and dry (Wright 408). Currently, science shows that the four humors are not what balances health and this practice is no longer relevant. So why do people still smoke? According to the Cancer Research center, smoking was thought to be more beneficial than harmful, due to the stress relieving and appetite suppressing qualities; smoking began to decline in the 1970’s due to the realization of all its damaging effects (Wright 408). Only fifty years ago smoking was thought to be healthy, so societies addiction to smoking has not quite subsided, but it is time the government lends a hand by outlawing smoking outside of designated areas. Other factors, such as societal influence, affect the fact that people are still smoking even though the evidence shows it is harmful. Although the number of smokers has decreased since 1970, smoking is yet to be eliminated and continues to be a presence effecting today’s youth.
By smoking in public places, like parks, smokers are causing harm they almost certainly never think about. Not only is it detrimental to the smoker themselves, but they are encouraging the next generation

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