Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Sherita Wicks
English 1 C
Writing prompt 1 draft
Social Networking
There are a lot things to do on social media for example communicate family who is far away or that you don’t see often, talk to your friends and just being informed. But people do not take in the consideration of social media not being for human relationship. Social networking is not always the answer. Social networking does have its downfalls. Downfalls meaning where is the eye contact where is the respect to one another and what about using the abbreviation for everything that social media allows. Why do individuals need approval from others rather than just being comfortable in our own skin; well that is just what social media does were looking for others approval on the way we dress, the way we look at others, and the way we should talk. In the road, it's very ordinary to see individuals utilizing their iPhones or cell phones, sending What’s Application or utilizing Facebook. You can see individuals doing that at the transport stop or on the underground, as well. Wouldn't it be ideal to peruse a book rather than this?
Social media provides us with the way the celebrities are dressing and this trend is in. Social media does not take in accountably if some people just can’t afford those things (clothing, jewelry, and shoes) We are individual’s not followers or robot. Every person is unique in their own way. God made every person different because he did not want us all the same at that is what

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