Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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When I was a child, many years ago, there was very few social media sites. Facebook was only for college students, twitter, and Instagram both hadn’t been established yet, and myspace was the thing to do for young teenagers like myself. I was all into social media back then, always updating my myspace top friends, keeping the best music on my profile, making sure my picture is on point, etc. I did these things because I had time to do these things, and I was able to leisurely spend my evenings checking up on different social media sites. When making sure no one would be mad at my top 5 friends list, that is the least stressful time in my life. Because now people expect so much more from you than just that. A lot of people ask for a lot, but give very little back in return. That is one reason I stopped messing around with a lot of social media, as well. Family I never talked to in my life would ask me for loans, and different favors. ‘Friends’ would feel like it would be necessary to post everything about our lives on social media. I am completely for Social Media, and this world we live in, but we must be very careful, because it can engulf us in the simplistic aspect of it. It is so simple to just unlock your phone, and check any social media site, post on any of them, and see what others are doing through their posts, so why wouldn’t you love to be on social media all the time? It is fun, until it starts affecting your real life. That is where this thing, Social Media,

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