Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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As a child grows up, everything they are exposed to affects their personality and shapes them into their own person. The schools they attend, the television shows they watch, and the people they are around can influence their ideology of the world and their place in it. Some people view social media (YouTube, Instagram,, Snapchat, etc.) as a good way to distract their children and keep them entertained, but children should not be allowed to spend a majority of their time on social media accounts. Some parents may argue that they should not shield their children from reality, but it is important to reduce the amount of social media children are exposed to, in order to reduce the amount of biased information and prejudice they may have. Social media shows that in the United States, there have been several terror attacks that have been claimed by ISIS, a terror group from Iraq. These terror attacks are shown on daily newscasts and have influenced social media pranks. The people from ISIS can be confused with an American of the Arab community due to the hijab and accessories they wear. In Brown et al. (2017), researchers found that children often associate their beliefs with what they have seen on social media. So when asked how they perceive those from Arab communities “Children's responses indicated stereotypes associating the Arab Muslim male target as more anti‐American and hostile and the Arab Muslim female target as more oppressed than others, both consistent

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