Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Sending friend requests to a bunch of unknown people just to increase your friend list. Scanning the phone every two seconds looking for comments and likes on your posts. Keeping a regular check on your follower base and searching for ways to keep it growing. Browsing through all of your friends’ as well as their friends’ Facebook accounts only to find yourself feeling more and more miserable. While not all, most social media users have had this experience at some point in time where their source of entertainment turns into a constant source of anxiety. While social media platforms such as Facebook can be great for global connectivity, the frequent users of such sites are more likely to be depressed. It is because high use of social media causes individuals to be isolated from the real world, making them exceedingly dependent on these sites to feel accepted. According to the statistics, Facebook has an average of 2 billion monthly users and 300 million photo updates per day. The desire to be accepted and admired by the people around causes a large number of individuals to post their pictures of photo-shopped happiness. They want others to feel that their lives are exciting and fulfilling, giving the viewers a distorted vision of reality. So much immersed into the virtual world they often start prioritising their Facebook life over their real one. This makes them greatly dependent upon the views and thoughts of other Facebook users, regardless
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