Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Since Twitter’s founding in 2006, it has risen to the top tier of most used social media websites. Now, 11 years later, approximately 10 million people use Twitter every single day (Aslam). While approximately 74% of these users say that Twitter is their go-to for quick and efficient news, the other 41% think otherwise (Gottfried and Shearer). The latter percentage of Twitter users prefer watching news networks such as CNN or Fox and believe that going to a social media platform is misleading and not researched thoroughly. Due to Twitter’s lack of credibility, critics say that using the social media site as a news source is detrimental to one’s understanding of the current world. It has been argued that referring to Twitter for news can be beneficial to those who feel misrepresented in mainstream media. The majority of these people are young adults who belong to a racial minority and recognize a racial and gender bias when watching popular news networks (Robb). Twitter has opened up an opportunity for these lesser privileged individuals to become involved in “participatory politics”, which is a “new form of online peer-based political activity” (Cohen, Luttig). With this form of politics, people from all different backgrounds are able to voice their opinions on different news stories and even report stories that have not yet been touched on. While this can be beneficial for some, there is still a large risk of the majority of news on Twitter being partly or completely fake,
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