Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Receiving information quicker causes people to become more easily opinionated and maybe even work towards a goal with activism. Listening or spreading news and information is one of the main reasons people answer as a reason for using social media. Some people desire the trait to stand in front of the masses of people and share about their opinions on controversial subjects such as abortion and police brutality. Social media helps promote the influence of sharing opinions or facts, because it is difficult for someone to let go of what they find as intriguing; so they share it with the people they find will most likely listen. A striking part of online networking destinations, for example, Twitter is that an unconstrained burst of protest can be started by one individual in a solitary post and broadly sharing encounters and having one's voice heard on social channels can make a feeling of strengthening - of feeling less alone with an individual battle, and more trust in demonstrating a piece of the self that may more often than not stay covered up. From Zeynep Tufekci’s article she says, “because [social media is] very good at what it does...It makes it much easier to build up movements quickly…” (Tufekci 1) The standard level of social concerns rises, due to more frequent political or social change movements. The difficulty of discovering fresh news and information around the world is becoming more convenient for people of all classes and age. Online networking destinations

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