Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Social Media We have brilliantly created social media, plain and simple. It is a space in a different universe where everyone is on the scene. There is nothing that even comes close to it; nothing that compares to its dense communication. Social media is the new world that we live in. It is where we express ourselves while hiding behind our keyboard. It is a space where leaders can bring about change and reach millions. Social media has changed the way we receive news. The news outlets alert us in an instant about any sort of event that may have occurred. Is this good or is this bad? Honestly, I believe that is for you to decide. However, I do have my own opinions regarding how it may be good and how it may be bad. This new universe has uncovered more debate on our interactions with other people and what we can and cannot post. A man-made controversy, what’s new? The creators of social media made it for connecting and re-connecting, yet we seem to draw ourselves farther away from society by it. It is an extremely complicated issue that we need to address. However, there is a way to use this space for good and for bringing about positive change in a broken world. One example of this could be the money that JJ Watt raised for the city of Houston, Texas by promoting his cause on his social media account. We have used and abused social media and because of this we should now carefully examine and discover the pure and true use for such a powerful communication

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