Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Privacy Unknown Over time we have come to live in an era where technology is rapidly growing. We use the internet for many different things in our day to day life. Whether it is research, work, or even entertainment, how safe is all this information that we are revealing? Internet users are finding themselves running into privacy issues, with updates or unknown factors know to the common user. Social networks have been around for years now, and from the looks of it, it will only continue to expand. In 2004 Internet entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg and other his partners have created what is now one of the widespread of social networking sites, Facebook. Social media has become such an influence on society, it's unique characteristics give the public a real inside glimpse of an individual. Facebook, as I like to call it “the root to all evil” is a huge invader of privacy and I’ll tell you why. This popular social network has come to cause millions of users to have personal conflicts directly related to social media. Social networking sites, such as Facebook, indeed threaten our privacy. A few ways our privacy is violated is by storing personal information, routine updates, and tacking users web use. I have one, you have one, even your boss has an account if I had to guess. Let’s face it, majority of people have become a part of the social media frenzy. To have an active account is Simple, convent and free. A few personal information questions and you’re free to explore the

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