Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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We all fail to see and understand the empowering role social media has set in motion in today's society . It is with an undeniable fact that social media has impacted variety of cultures, economies, and our overall perspective on how we see the world. Social media is best known for its form for bring individuals to share and learn new ideas, connect with , and relate to.Although there is much more of different varieties that come from the benefit of using social media ,it has also allowed us to communicate with friends and family from any corner of the world, It has also come with a risk. It has drastically impacted negatively our lives because we are either alone or its form to change us through time. Social media has stolen the trust and comfort individuals had for one another. Replacing human interaction, physical and emotional support not being displayed.. This generation for example has become the most drawn and affected from this world wide phenomenon . Individually including myself as part of this generation ,amongst most young individuals they prefer to message or phone call , online chatting through platforms like (Facebook, Twitter,and skype ,Etc..) to connect with one another. With the little effort to have to leave their homes or stop what they are doing According to a conduct survey provided by “Common Sense Media” that more the 50 percent of teens feel they are addicted to their phones. This shows that this generation tends to rely too much on social media for online interaction and communication. If it isn't bad already it also disturbs the interpersonal relationships teens have with their Parents. Parents have also contributed to the increasing statics within constantly being on social media and checking their phones every minute goes by.. Nearly 27 percent of parents have turned to mobile devices usage(Wallace, Kelly.), it will have diminished the conjugal bond between loved onesl. A mother who had conducted a survey with “Common Sense Media” states ‘I had taken my son to a movie, and he turned around to me and said “are you serious, Mom? We are at the movies and you are still on your phone ?”( Wallace, Kelly.) who has a 10 year-old son and two daughters

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