Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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Social networks have benefits for many in the world, but there are other effects of social networks too; for example, cyber bullying, stalking, no personal privacy, and keeping track of individuals as they use social networking to update their status. Especially teenagers use social networking sites. How can society prevent all of this technology from causing harm to each individual teenager? Many people use their social networks for entertainment to pass the time. In recent years, I have seen many of my friends do this while waiting for the teacher to come to the classroom. They turn to their social network site when standing or sitting to wait for the teacher to arrive. They do not communicate with each other verbally. Sometimes, I feel like I do not know them at all. It’s complete silence. How can society help children, especially teenagers, to understand how the social networks are affecting them? Maybe parents need to stop their hands in some way. The American Academy of Pediatrics wrote, “The parents of teenager need to involve in the online websites for their children. There are 22 percent of teenagers who log in to their favorite social networks site more than 10 times a day. “That is just too much social networking! In reference to social network sites, “the parents of the teenager need to talk to their children when they start to get their own social networks sites” (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry), because it helps teenagers to know what is

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