Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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The New World: Social Media 5000 hours of online observation, done by Southern California University, found that the digital world is creating new opportunities for young people to grapple with social norms, explore interests, develop technical skills, and work on new forms of self-expression that wasn’t possible before social media existed(Goldberg). This brings us to a crippling question that have people on either side of the argument, is social media truly beneficial for society? There are stats that can be found for either position to state their arguments, however, no one can ignore the actual facts that should lead people to realize that social media is beneficial to society. Some people say that social media damages personal communication, as well as, existing friendships. According to professor Charles Steinfield, “Everyone is hiding behind a screen,” which results in loss of communication skills (Davis). However, according to Time Magazine article, “ Does Facebook Replace FaceTime or Enhance it?, social media is an amazing way to stay connected with friends, meet new people, and congregate with old and new friends(Davis). When used properly, social media actually enhances personal communication. Without using it, people have to resort to using much slower and less efficient ways of communication Social media is also a magnificent way to find background information for background checks. If someone is looking for a candidate for a job, social media helps with

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