Argumentative Essay On Social Media

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In this age of social media, we are constantly worried about being popular. We are driven by “likes,” “comments,” and “followers.” Not caring what our peers thought, our middle school selves posted anything and everything. Now, as seniors and having had access to social media for an abundance of years, we are far more cautious about what we post but not in the way you might imagine. Instagram is a resourceful tool but, if used incorrectly, could impair your social status. Unlike in middle school, we do not want to post too frequently, too many similar pictures, or too long of a caption. Those who post everyday get a diminishing amount of likes. The unwritten rules to instagram are simple: once a day, once day a week, and at least once a month. Occasionally, these rules are allowed to be broken. A couple times a year, posting two days in a row is permitted, but only in dire circumstances should multiple posts be uploaded in a single day, and now, with multiple photos per post capabilities, the acceptance for this is even less. Uploading several posts of pictures taken on the same day and at the same event becomes repetitive. Putting those pictures in the same post will fix this problem. Adding a caption to the picture also help make your posts different. Followers will often skip over a caption that is too long and disregard a post with no caption at all, but will love a one word to two sentence caption. Finding a special occasion to post is the first step to
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