Argumentative Essay On Social Work

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The first time I realized that I was different than my friends was in second grade when I was the only one who knew how to make lasagna. By the age of seven, most children didn’t have to pack their own lunch, let alone make dinner. Like Liz, I was forced to mature at a younger age. Throughout her childhood, Liz hopes that maybe if she is a good girl, then her parent’s behavior will change. When a social worker shows up to her house after Liz begins not going to school, she suspects that “if I had just gone to school, this never would have happened” (130). Liz didn’t have the perspective to realize that most children are forced to go to school when they have loving and encouraging parents. However, she believes that if she changes herself that the social worker, along with her parent’s addiction, would not be an issue if she was a better child. Although whether Liz goes to school has zero impact on her parent’s addiction she continues to blame herself instead of those around her. She does this because it is a lot easier to blame yourself then to give up hope that role models will not become someone who should be role models. Because of this, and her need to survive, Liz quickly learns that if she wants something done that she must do it herself. Liz begins to make her own money by doing things like pumping gas. After she begins making her own money, Liz realizes that as much as she wants her parents to heal, for there to be any change, they need to want it. After witnessing
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