Argumentative Essay On Survivors

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The television show Survivor focuses on a group of strangers in an isolated location, where they compete in challenges for rewards and immunity from being eliminated, as well as having to provide shelter, food, and fire for themselves. The winner is decided by a vote from the eliminated contestants, also known as the jury. Contestants are voted off at tribal council, but have the chance to be immune from the vote through immunity challenges. Contestants in Survivor are affected physically, psychologically, and emotionally by things they can and can’t control. For example, they have no choice in who they are competing against, but they have some control over how much food they have, depending on things like if they can fish or not. The…show more content…
The producers use the disparities in age to create drama and keep their viewers entertained.
In Survivor, the players are constantly under a great amount of stress. The different types of stress can have a huge impact on how they end up playing the game. For example, “physical stressors, such as food deprivation, also alter psychological factors such as motivation and irritability, and can increase impulsive and aggressive behavior” (Gerrig 75). In other words, the toll of physical stress can lead to more aggressive and more impulsive players as well as affecting the players’ moods. Throughout every episode there is some form of aggression. Wilson found four different types of aggression and labelled them as, “theft, verbal aggression, minor aggression, and deceit” (9). He defines each type of aggression, saying,
Theft was defined as taking the property of another person without the owner’s consent or knowledge (e.g., robbery, burglary, and larceny). Verbal aggression was any nonphysical act that places another under duress with the intention to pressure, constrain, or persuade in a noxious manner (e.g., extortion, coercion, threats, abridgment of privacy, and harassment). Verbal aggression was any hostile remark meant to diminish another’s self-image or cause psychological harm. Minor aggression was any physical aggression resulting in minor harm or no harm to another, including acts like slapping, punching, and kicking. Deceit was purposely misleading another
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