Argumentative Essay On Tax Reform

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The 2016 presidential campaign is unfolding as 15 Republican have declared their bid for the presidency. As this race progresses, one issue they will face questions about how each would address the federal tax policy and how they will pursue a tax reform should they become president. The tax issue is a touchy subject for republicans as they hardly won on this issue since 1988. During 2008 and 2012, the GOP has managed to lose on the tax issue to President Obama.

As many issues cloud the 2016 race, one thing is certain that this race will definitely be centered on this debate over taxes. This might be the first opportunity for republicans to really have a tough talk about tax reform and remind voters the best way to grow the economy, and create jobs based on their ideas of a tax plan. Come time for the general election in fifteen months, given whoever the 15, maybe 18 republican candidates becomes the chosen nominee, this person tax plan they endorse in this campaign circus might have a greater chance of becoming law in 2017.
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Any republican vying to take the nomination is going to be talking cutting taxes or tax reform means to rally up the base especially in critical early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire. While all have mentioned unifying themes in terms of fiscal responsibility and tax cuts during the campaign trail, there are significant differences amongst the candidates’ substance and approaches. Some have detail plans, some offer discussion points while some talk about their actions as governor and their tax reform. The paper will proceed in four parts. First, I examine the history of federal income taxes and the alternative known as Flat Tax. Second, I will examine Fair Tax and its meaning. Lastly, I analyze the majority of republican presidential hopefuls tax reform plans or ideas if they have released it to the public so far and their records and views on
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