Argumentative Essay On The 2016 Election

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Politics? What’s that?
2016 started out like any other year. Unfortunately, the rest of the year was anything but ordinary. You must know this already, I mean, who doesn’t? The debates, and how his lies and this election polarized our country. 2016, the election year. I like to call it, “The Election Heard Round the World.” The election cycle was enlightening but stressful. Confused? Here let me explain, it won’t take very long. It all started with the primary debates, some of which were really in 2015. Anyway, my parents decided to watch some of the debates as a family. There we were huddled around our TV, in our cozy living room. I had never seen a debate before, so I was excited. The TV flashed to life and a woman’s voice filled our ears, “It is 9 pm on the East Coast, and the moment of truth has arrived. Welcome to the first debate night of the 2016 Presidential Campaign…” I was enthralled. The debate already had my complete attention. I glanced at all the candidates, none of them caught my attention. Watching this debate I realized that I had absolutely no background in politics. I didn’t understand most of the
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I didn’t think it was possible, Donald Trump was an actual nominee for the presidency of the United States of America. I was scared. His ideas would affect millions of people, and it seemed to me that he did it all for the attention. He never seemed serious during the debates, alway laughing and stating wild facts and ideas. I decided then and there that I was NOT going to allow him to control anything in my life: not what I learn, not who's allowed to stay and definitely not any rules about my body. Donald Trump ended up winning the presidency, much to my dismay. But I do thank him for running, if he had not, I would’ve never gotten into politics and I would not have figured out, until much later in life, how I believe our government should run and
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